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What is SuDS?

Discussion in 'SuDS' started by TalkResin, Aug 18, 2018.

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    Flood potential is ever-rising due to increases in rainfall from climate change. It has been proven that cases of sever flooding is usually down to surface water run-off, as opposed to overflowing rivers etc.

    Apart from the obviously awful damage flooding can cause, surface water run-off increases the concentration of pollutants within the water cycle.

    As a way to reduce flood risk and improve water quality The Environment Agency implemented SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Solutions) regulation. One method of SuDS, is through source control, using things like permeable surfacing such as resin bound (so long as it’s installed onto a permeable base). The idea is to replicate a natural drainage system, by allow rainfall to dissipate through the surface close to where it lands and filtrate through the sub-base as it finds it’s way to the ground. The filtration process breaks-down and removes any unwanted contaminants, whilst slowing and holding back surface water run-off, reducing the risk of flooding.
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