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Welcome To TalkResin!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by TalkResin, Aug 3, 2018.

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    Welcome To

    TalkResin is a forum dedicated to resin bound, resin bonded and rubber crumb/mulch surfacing.

    Inspired by a number of online paving networks, we wanted to build a community devoted specifically to these surfaces.

    Although these systems have been around for over 2 decades, the markets are thriving and we want them to continue to thrive for years to come!

    As individuals passionate about the market we work in, we aim to promote good practice and support the growth of each other in a sustainable way.

    Like in any industry, we are all aware of the horror stories and destructive rep some people/companies/systems have had, so the idea is to build a strong network of 'GOOD GUYS'.

    We don't care if you are a complete novice or an experienced installer; we want you to spark interesting conversation, ask questions and encourage you to share knowledge and advice. Together we can keep this awesome industry going in the right direction and support each other's businesses at the same time.

    Let's have a bit of fun at the same time, with friendly banter, amusing anecdotes and tonnes of pictures showing off your recent work!

    Please also feel free to share any new and exciting surfacing technologies people come across, so we can all keep ahead of the game.
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