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Sean Scott - Director @ Vuba

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Sean Scott, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Sean Scott

    Sean Scott New Member TalkResin+ Supplier Registered

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm one of the Founders of Vuba Building Products Ltd. We're a Featured Member of this brilliant forum, and hope to take an active part in improving the standards and knowledge of resin bound surfacing.

    Here's a little about my background in resin (if you're interested)...
    I'm the Son of John Scott, who installed the first resin systems created by Ucrete in the late 1970's, after a decade installing terrazzo with his father. John and his brother-in-law founded Covercrete Canada, a polyurethane resin formulator and manufacturer, who were purchased by Sika in 2006 for $4.3m, and John remains an instructor on our Training Courses.

    John founded the family business Nottingham Industrial Flooring Limited in 1988, the company where I started my career after leaving school in 2006. My job was to manage installation projects for the likes of Dairy Crest, Hovis and Mercedes - installing over 100,000m2 of specialist resin flooring, along with my brother Paul Scott (Vuba Technical Manager).

    I established Vuba in 2009 to follow our family background of manufacturing resin, and my personal passion for hard work and dedication to innovation and quality. If you visit our Youtube, Facebook or Instagram, you can see more of our journey so far.

    Like a lot of people involved in this industry, I live and breathe resin! My eyes are rarely off the floor when on holiday, and I'm always interested in continuing my lifelong journey of learning about this industry, as well as helping others.

    I'm sure I'll see you somewhere around this forum!

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  3. TalkResin

    TalkResin Administrator

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    What a fantastic intro @Sean Scott!!! Amazing background and great to see your enthusiasm to support the community!

    Make sure everyone checks out Vuba’s company page on the directory - very innovative company with clearly a lot of experience :cool:

    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
  4. Jim

    Jim Member Registered Contractor

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    Wow a true family of resineers :)

    Great story and journey that sounds like it’s going to continue to flourish

    fair play Sean
  5. Liam Richards

    Liam Richards Active Member TalkResin+ Contractor Registered Contractor

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    Great introduction bud
  6. Wayne Hambly

    Wayne Hambly Administrator TalkResin+ Contractor

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