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Concrete overlay

Discussion in 'Overlaying' started by Wayne Hambly, Mar 12, 2020.

  1. Wayne Hambly

    Wayne Hambly Administrator TalkResin+ Contractor

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    This is an example of a concrete driveway fit to overlay with resin bound.
    The preparation works are a good clean and sweep off.
    If your concrete drive has cracks across the surface that are NOT expansion joints then these will reflect through the cured resin bound in a very short time.
    Expansion joints are straight lines deliberately across your surface with a gap to allow for any movement.
    It's not very often we come across a concrete driveway that can be overlaid but this one is over 10 years old with zero cracks.
    At SWSS our motto is
    "A surface is only as good as its base"


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  2. resinous
  3. Connor

    Connor Active Member Registered Contractor

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    Don’t think I’ve ever seen such great concrete!
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  4. Gareth23

    Gareth23 Member Registered Contractor

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    Agreed would have no problem overlaying that

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