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A brief guide to UV Stability

Discussion in 'UVR or Non-UV' started by Mark Almond, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Mark Almond

    Mark Almond Well-Known Member TalkResin+ Supplier Registered

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    The following Link (and images) are guidance to help installers understand the differences between aliphatic and aromatic systems and to ensure that the UV Stable, Resistant and Non-UV Stable systems are fully understood.

    StarScape ULTRA – UV Stability Guidance

    UV Stability 1.JPG UV Stability 2.JPG
  2. resinous
  3. TalkResin

    TalkResin Administrator

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    The above information from @Mark Almond was intended to inform installers, but think it's useful for consumers to understand too.

    Thanks again Mark for sharing!

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