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Vuba Building Products Limited

Supply high value specialist industrial maintenance products to DIY users at affordable prices.

  1. Sean Scott
    England - North East
    vuba logo.png

    Vuba Resin Products

    We are a manufacturer and distributor of resin flooring and surfacing products; such as resin bound screeds, resin flooring, epoxy floor paints and concrere repair mortars.

    Established in 2009, we are one of the oldest distributors of resin bound materials in the UK, and the pioneer of Resin Bound DIY kit and pour of resin gravel binder - Easihold.

    Vuba is one of the biggest brands in the UK industrial maintenance industry. Using the latest resin technology, Vuba has developed a wide range of maintenance supplies for floors, walls and roofs, also diversifying successfully into the domestic market. Visit for more information.

    If you’re a contractor requiring special prices, a DIY applicator needing advice or a customer requiring one of our approved contractors, we can help you every step of the way. Contact us on the Vuba line on 01482 778897.

    Hull Business Awards - Business of the Year (Small) - Runner Up 2012
    Shortlisted for Yorkshire Newcomer Award - The Business Masters 2010

    Epoxy Floor Paint, Resin Bound Screeds, Resin Bound DIY, Epoxy Levelling Screed, Resin Flooring, Floor Paints, Epoxy Mortars.
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