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Star Uretech

Formulator, manufacturer and supplier of StarScape bound & bonded surfacing resins.

  1. Mark Almond
    England - North West

    At Star Uretech we have been formulating and manufacturing decorative surfacing resins for over 15 years and our team includes several polyurethane chemists and experienced installers.

    In 2015 Star Uretech was taken over by a new management team that decided the current decorative surfacing market and products needed dramatic improvements if it was to continue its growth. Our chemists formulate all of our own products in our purpose-built laboratory which are then manufactured and distributed from our production and warehousing facility in Lancashire. Our inhouse testing facility enables us to provide unmatched product testing, performance data and a guarantee that our products are of the very highest quality.

    Our innovative products, technical development and commitment to customer service have secured our place as a market leader in several construction adhesives market sectors. A pioneer in ultra-low VOC, phthalate & solvent free, low carbon footprint binders, we continue to lead the way and develop our patented range of products to meet the most challenging requirements. Our young, dynamic and forward-looking management team believe passionately that the industry needs a company which leads the way in product development and more importantly, strives to do the right thing. We love to talk and we are always happy to help so please contact us.

Recent Reviews

  1. Jake Red
    Jake Red
    Version: 2019-05-09
    Star Uretech is a very technical company, incredibly helpful and honest. Mark Almond has a fantastic knowledgable of the chemistry and is very good at explaining it to a layman like me :)
  2. Wayne Hambly
    Wayne Hambly
    Version: 2019-05-09
    Mark, Star Uretech’s MD really knows his stuff and always goes out of his way to support the members of TalkResin. Looking forward to learning more about their products and services.
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