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Grantex Surfacing

The UK leading supplier of specialist dried decorative aggregates into the Resin Surfacing industry

  1. Grantex Surfacing
    England - East Midlands
    Grantex White Background.jpg
    Welcome to Grantex Surfacing

    Grantex Surfacing provides high quality aggregates to trusted distributors of resin surfacing supplies; as well as supplying the highways sector. Their specialist screened aggregates are the cleanest on the market, making for exceptional results.

    Grantex Surfacing belongs to the Long Rake Spar Co. Ltd. group, established in 1867. With a long history of providing high quality aggregates, Long Rake Spar operates from multiple sites UK wide, with large stock holdings in excess of 100,000 tonnes of raw materials.

    Grantex products are used in numerous applications including:
    Goldpath_TN_2.jpg Pigmented_QuartzTN.jpg Resin_B_B_TN.jpg Stablised_Gravel_TN_1.jpg Surface_Dressing_TN.jpg Treepits_TN_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Liam Richards
    Liam Richards
    Version: 2019-05-28
    Good quality clean aggregates
  2. Wayne Hambly
    Wayne Hambly
    Version: 2019-05-28
    Long Rake Spar deliver very high quality aggregates for resin surfacing. I am particularly fond of their Silver Blue.
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