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  1. SureSet
    SureSet Jim
    Hi Jim,
    Following on from your recent interest in our new Vertical product I wanted to drop you a message and see if you would be interested in a free Vertical kit to have a go at installing. The kit will cover 1m², so it's perfect for a few step faces!
    If so could you please email and we can get the ball rolling!
    Kind regards,
  2. Piers Phillips
    Piers Phillips
    MRI - Polytech The Polyurethane systems house
  3. Barrie Sabin
    Barrie Sabin
    Hi I am barrie
    1. Tom likes this.
    2. Tom
      Hi Barrie
      Sep 7, 2019
  4. Daniel Osen
    Daniel Osen
    Ronacrete have been making high quality building chemicals since 1969. We are considered by our peers as experts in resin bound industry.
  5. Kato
    Call me at 00201007679496
  6. Kato
    Kato for epoxy works
  7. Sukai
    Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. ~Thomas Merton~
  8. Resinscape
  9. Resins 'R' Us UK LTD
    Resins 'R' Us UK LTD
    Supplying quality resin bound products to the trade across the UK
  10. Daniel (Ronacrete)
    Daniel (Ronacrete)
    Manufacturer of RonaDeck Resin Bound and Bonded Surfacing systems. Celebrating 50 years in the construction industry.
  11. Trade Partners Int.
    Trade Partners Int.
    Material Suppliers to the Sports & Play Surfacing Trade
  12. Wayne Hambly
    Wayne Hambly Long Rake Spar
    Amazing to have Long Rake Spar as a TalkResin+ Supplier :)
  13. Liam Richards
    Liam Richards Nathan Hargreaves
    I have worked along side Nathan for years don't hesitate to contact him for any work. Professional installer
    1. Nathan Hargreaves likes this.
    2. Nathan Hargreaves
      Nathan Hargreaves
      Thanks mate appreciate it
      May 17, 2019
  14. Admin
    Working working and working
  15. James Marsden
  16. Sabor
  17. James franklin
    James franklin
    I’m loking for resin installers in Essex Sussex London Greater London oxford Buckinghamshire etc
  18. Liam Garside
    Liam Garside
    Derby Aggs northern sales manager, here to help where or if possible.
  19. TalkResin
    TalkResin ResinStoneDriveway
    Hi Phil,
    Potential lead for you on the latest TalkResin LinkedIn post.
  20. Gavin wright
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